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Title: What is a non-provisional US patent or patent application?
Post by: Brad on April 11, 2013, 11:48:01 AM
A non-provisional US patent or patent application application is a type of patent document which can issue as a full patent. 

How do I know if my patent application was a non-provisional?
If you look at your patent filing receipts or printed patent publications, there should be a field called "patent application number" or "patent application serial number" or just "serial number".   If this number starts with a 60/ or 61/ then it is a provisional application.  If it starts with another number such as 08/ or 09/ or 10/ or 11/ or 12/ or 13/ then it is a non-provisional application.  Also, if you can find your published patent or patent application online then you know it is a non-provisional application because provisional applications are not published. 

By default all design patent applications are not-provisional applications so they should be included when you list the number of non-provisional applications you have been listed as an inventor on.