Author Topic: How do I know if the patent application I filed was a provisional application?  (Read 42919 times)


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A provisional patent application is a type of patent application that can be filed in the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). 

How do I know if the application I was an inventor on was a provisional?
There are two ways:
1) Look at the applicaiton documents.  A provisional application will usually use the term "provisional" either in the coversheet or sometimes on the specification.

2) If you have access to your patent office filing receipt, look for an "application number" or "application serial number".  If it starts with a "60/" or "61/" than this is a provisional application.


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This is really important information that has been provided in here and I'm very much sure about the issue being cleared with these Q/A and we would get to see more and more progress.
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