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Gross Income:  All income received by the applicant from whatever source during the past calendar year.

-Do not include income from your spouse or other family members.
-Do not include deductions or expenses.
-Includes non-cash income such as fringe benefits.
-Not the same as adjusted gross income (AGI) as shown on US tax returns. 

*Each inventor should fill this out separately.

When in doubt, be safe and include the income regardless of the source. 

A non-provisional US patent or patent application application is a type of patent document which can issue as a full patent. 

How do I know if my patent application was a non-provisional?
If you look at your patent filing receipts or printed patent publications, there should be a field called "patent application number" or "patent application serial number" or just "serial number".   If this number starts with a 60/ or 61/ then it is a provisional application.  If it starts with another number such as 08/ or 09/ or 10/ or 11/ or 12/ or 13/ then it is a non-provisional application.  Also, if you can find your published patent or patent application online then you know it is a non-provisional application because provisional applications are not published. 

By default all design patent applications are not-provisional applications so they should be included when you list the number of non-provisional applications you have been listed as an inventor on. 

A provisional patent application is a type of patent application that can be filed in the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). 

How do I know if the application I was an inventor on was a provisional?
There are two ways:
1) Look at the applicaiton documents.  A provisional application will usually use the term "provisional" either in the coversheet or sometimes on the specification.

2) If you have access to your patent office filing receipt, look for an "application number" or "application serial number".  If it starts with a "60/" or "61/" than this is a provisional application.

An affiliate is usually a company or organization that is controlled by another company. 

The official definition from the Small Business Administration is:

Affiliates Affiliation with another business concern is based on the power to control, whether exercised or not. Such factors as common ownership, common management and identity of interest (often found in members of the same family), among others, are indicators of affiliation. Power to control exists when a party or parties have 50 percent or more ownership. It may also exist with considerably less than 50 percent ownership by contractual arrangement or when one or more parties own a large share compared to other parties. Affiliated business concerns need not be in the same line of business. The calculation of a concern's size includes the employees or receipts of all affiliates.

Micro Entity Status Discussion and Questions / Form submitted
« on: March 26, 2013, 06:31:57 AM »
Thank you for your submission.

What happens next?
You should receive an email confirmation with pdf attachments.

*Note - we are in early beta testing mode.  You may not receive an email or complete information from us.  We hope to have a full launch by summer 2016 in coordination with our sister site

Please ask your questions here and let us know how we can improve the micro entity calculator (no registration is required to ask your questions). 

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